Made in Tennessee

Manufacturing Milestones
October 4, 2014 to April 4, 2015
Rogers-Claussen Feature Gallery


Today’s Tennesseans, while not totally abandoning their agricultural heritage, have moved into an age of advanced technology and global competition symbolized by electronics, chemical production, and automobile manufacturing. Tennesseans may wear cowboy hats and listen to the Grand Ole Opry, but at work they are more likely to produce automobiles or sophisticated machinery than to till a small farm or make country crafts...

Come explore why in this new exhibition...

Vultee-AVCO, Courtesy of Library of Congress
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Alcoa Foundation
Alcoa Tennessee Operations
Tennessee Valley Authority

Based on the research of Amber Clawson, Ph.D. candidate, Middle Tennessee State University, and James E. Fickle, Professor, Department of History, University of Memphis